Fingers’ Army Update – Sons of the Phoenix (totally loyal)

UPDATE: infiltrators, Ancient, Captain with Power Fist, Phobos Librarian, Phobos Captain and Exexutioner added!

Ready to party. In every sense.

I’ve not posted in a while so wanted to share my plans with you to build a Sons of the Phoenix, Primaris army. I’ll be adding pictures as I paint up models so do check back to see progress!

I’ve been playing warhammer on and off since the late 80s but have never had a proper 40k Space Marine army! Absolute heresy in anyone’s book.

This won’t be a ‘competitive list’ in any sense and will be largely based on the models that I want to build and paint. Looking sexy and having a bit of wow factor on the table is definitely the priority!

Choosing which chapter to go with was the first challenge. I’ve always had a soft spot for Crimson Fists ever since I was bought the Space Marine box set back in 1987. Just looking at that box art now immediately invokes nostalgia from that era and I vividly remember slapping on tons of black paint then adding red stripes. As you do.

However, with all the new sexy Primaris models released lately, I knew I wanted to go with an Ultima Founding Chapter (all Primaris) and it didn’t take long to decide who to go with – Sons of the Phoenix.

SOTP as seen in White Dwarf and Vigilus Defiant

I’ve always been a massive fan of Emperors Children having had a huge 30k force and always loved the idea of a loyalist EC successor chapter. Sons of the Phoenix lore (which in fairness is very sparse!) states that their gene-seed originates from the Imperial Fists however there are some clear nods to an Emperors Children lineage.

The chapter badge and colour scheme both tip their hat to EC but the biggest give away is their name, with the best of all the Primarchs, Fulgrim, being known as the Pallantine Phoenix.

My favourite of the HH novels that I’ve read so far

So chuck in the fact they are white (I’ve always wanted to have a go at painting a white force for some time!) made it a very easy choice!

30k Emperors Children

I’m a slow painter but am targeting 1750 points to take to the best 40k tournament on the planet – No Retreat in September! Best get my skates on.

Here are a few pics of what I’ve painted to date. I hope you like them and I am really looking forward to sharing updates with you as I go!

I love the Redemptor model and can see me getting another couple to accompany Sauliar Tarvetz above.

Thanks for looking and I’d love to hear from any other Sons of the Phoenix players out there.

Executioner 1


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